Before and After Photo Restoration

We can add new frames to give your portrait a distinctive look!
Worn and faded photos can be restored to their original splendor!
We can recreate the original photo to its full splendor!

Photo restoration examples with Maxheim Photography

Professional Photo Restoration Services

With more than 70 years of photography experience, Maxheim's Photography understands the importance of preserving your memorable photographic milestones and relationships.

When age, neglect, fire or floods take their toll on those treasured photos, important memories are also lost. Repair of these photographs and documents will rescue those images and restore them to their former honor.

We repair or restore old damaged photos that are faded, torn, creased, too dark or too light, too far away, mold or water damage. We can remove facial blemishes,change backgrounds as well as add or remove persons or objects from a photo.

As part of our photo restoration services, we do no work on the actual print. We scan the original and edit a copy of it. We can upload these scans to a high-resolution CD/DVD for you to use too, such as a gift or use in genealogy.

Antique photocopies are also available in black and white or brown tone! Interested in learning more or would like a quote?

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