Photo restoration examples with Maxheim Photography

Do you have a favorite family picture that is aged, faded, creased,scratches,discolored, torn or damaged by water, mold or fire? Do you need to add or remove a person, object or background?

Has age and neglect, fire or floods taken their toll on those treasured photos and documents? Repair and restoration of these photographs and documents will rescue those images and return them to their former honor.

Maxheim Photography has been restoring old and damaged photographs and documents for over 70 years.

Bring Maxheim's Photography your photographs and documents in need of photographic restoration TLC and we will provide you with a restored photo/document that will be treasured for generations to come! From portraits, wedding photographs, corporate executive photos, pet photos, home photos documents, we can preserve your memories with our professional photo restoration services.

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Photo Restoration Services with Maxheim Photography

Preserve your family's legacy with photo restoration! Damage to photos can come from a variety of sources, such as too much light and sun, water, fire, and even simple aging. We preserve your original by working on a high resolution copy, too! Contact Maxheim Photography for your free estimate!

Wedding photography gallery with Maxheim Photography

When your special wedding day ends, you never forget the feeling of the magic of the moment. There's no reason to forget the beauty of the day, either! Wedding photography captures the bliss of your wedding day. Savor the memories for decades to come with Maxheim Photography!

Personal portrait photo gallery with Maxheim Photography

From cozy family photos to a regal snapshot of your profession, Maxheim Photography loves personal portraits of our clients! We take great pride in capturing high-quality photos to showcase your individuality. See our Portrait Photography Gallery for examples of what we can do for your photo shoot!

Senior portraits gallery with Maxheim Photography

Senior photography is a fantastic way to celebrate an important milestone in life. Maxheim Photography will plan with you the look and style you want to portray. We can do both custom photo shoots or a unique yearbook photo. Contact Maxheim Photography today to schedule your photography session!

Pets photography services with Maxheim Photography

Like all family members, your four-legged favorites deserve their chance in the limelight! Maxheim Photography is here to help show the extraordinary love and devotion you have for your furbaby. Pet portraits are fun, exciting opportunities to seize the moment to last a lifetime!